Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog Dayz of Summer

The 3rd annual Dog Dayz of Summer event was held this past Saturday at the Kittitas County Farmer's Market. It was sponsored by the Kittitas Valley K-9's Dog Club and the Kittitas County Farmer's Market. It was a doggone good time for canines and their humans and its success was due to the many hard-working volunteers, the Farmer's Market vendors who donated fantastic prizes for the contests, Rob Lowry who was a superb and entertaining announcer, and of course all the spectators who cheered on the competing canines! In addition to those that were just mentioned, a huge thanks also goes out to Sun Dogs Agility and the Ellensburg Police Department and Corporal Ray Cedeno and Reno! Thanks to everyone who helped out at this year's event!

To see photos of the event, please click on the picture above.